Social Responsibility

CRS values




green initiatives

Green initiatives

CRS values


Cipan has recently been approved with ISO 14001: 2015 certification given its commitment to compliance with environmental legislation.

In addition, it works in accordance with the REACH regulation that regulates the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on human health and the ecosystem.

& Safety

We strive to operate in a way that ensures the health and safety of our employees, protects the environment and the surrounding communities. These are our most important sustainability focus areas.

To achieve these goals, we commit to improve continuously our performance, by complying with:

• The legislation applicable to our activity;
• The limitation of the environmental impact of our actions, the prevention of pollution, through adequate management of our residues and wastes, the efficient use of energy and hydric resources and the progressive adoption of environment-friendly materials;
• Qualifying our workers and allowing for their continuous training;

1. EHS Policy
2. Scope of the Environmental Management System: Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediate products through fermentation, isolation, conversation, purification and chemical synthesis processes and its commercialization.
3. External communication