Synthesis products

From Lab to Industrial Scale: Pioneering Chemical Synthesis with Unrivaled Expertise and Cutting-Edge Equipment

Chemical synthesis is an essential process in the production of numerous chemicals, including pharmaceuticals. At SUANFARMA CDMO, we pride ourselves on our exceptional capabilities in chemical synthesis. Our team can develop any chemical synthesis process on a pilot or industrial scale, providing a comprehensive technological platform to meet our clients’ needs.

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Cipan Portugal

Cipan is getting ready to deal with the complexity of the molecules of the future

SUANFARMA´S Industrial Division continues to advance in its Business Plan. Since the incorporation of Cipan to the group, its manufacturing capacities have been expanding considerably.

The new area, integrated in our industrial park in Lisbon, will allow the expansion of the purification processes of the biofermentative processes thanks to the incorporation of 3 new independent DSP lines.

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